Rinzen’s third EP is a cinematic ‘Prologue’ for what’s to come [Review & Stream]Rinzen Prologue Press Shot

Rinzen’s third EP is a cinematic ‘Prologue’ for what’s to come [Review & Stream]

Over the past two years, Michael Sundius has become a mau5trap fixture. His brand of cinematic, progressive techno as Rinzen has earned him numerous releases on deadmau5’s esteemed imprint, as well as the coveted honor of opening for Zimmerman himself at shows around the globe. And, while this success, for many, would mark the culmination of a musical career, Rinzen’s newest release suggests that he sees the past as a precursor for what’s to come.

Entitled Prologue, his third EP acts as a conceptual work, which Sundius notes is “inspired by [his] fascination with literature and storytelling.” He further asserts, “I believe this to be my most cinematic work yet.”

It’s not difficult to understand how Sundius feels this way, either. The two-track offering works almost as a reflection of itself. Both songs — “Prologue” and “Sorcery” — stand exactly at six minutes in length, but each builds a world that is almost diametric to the other.

In the “Prologue,” Rinzen explores mellifluous leanings, weaving a wistfully hopeful sonic scape, punctuated occasionally by purposefully strident, albeit subtle synth-work.

As one would likely expect from its title, “Sorcery” dabbles in the dark arts. While the melodic influences of the titular track remain ubiquitous in the B-side,  they take on a supporting role. At its core, “Sorcery” is driven by haunting bass arrangements, diving into the umbral aesthetics that pervade the most intriguing cinematic scores.

Earlier today, March 8, Rinzen communicated the following to his fan-base, regarding the conceptual nature of Prologue:

“This is the story of my new EP. Ready? ‘Prologue’ is an ode to my love of literature. It’s about myths, poems, and fairytales. I wanted it to be a living scene, like a still frame from a movie. The EP is also a metaphor for my journey as an artist. This is my ‘prologue.’ This is my beginning.”

With his newest record, Rinzen has put forth a score that would find itself as at home in the club as at the cinema. If this is his prologue, his first chapter should prove to be a sound to behold.

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