Serato launches a new beat-making software, compatible for a DJ’s workflowSerato Studio

Serato launches a new beat-making software, compatible for a DJ’s workflow

Serato is coming out with a digital audio workstation (DAW) called Serato Studio. The software aimed at DJs is currently in beta and will be available through subscription. With design and workflow elements that stem from the Serato DJ software, the new production software is devised to be as intuitive as possible for DJs.

“Over the years we’ve spoken to countless DJs and beginners who want to start making music but either don’t have the time, the hardware, or feel overwhelmed with attempting to learn production software,” said Serato’s Chief Strategy Officer, Nick Maclaren in a recent press release. “By building on what DJs already know, we’ve reduced that steep learning curve commonly associated with music production.”

While the DJ-friendly workflow has standard features one might expect from a DAW, there are elements such as cue points, time-stretching, key detection, and an 808 style drum sequencer with over 100 pre-produced drum patterns of different genres for inspiration that are geared more towards DJs than producers. This concept aims to eliminate the need to understand music theory to an extent, unlike other DAWs like Ableton or Logic in which harmony-shaping is required from the user.

Since its release, a wave of signups incited Serato to close the beta software from the public.

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