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Tame Impala releases first single since 2015, ‘Patience’

The genius behind Tame Impala (namely Kevin Parker) has always been glaring. The band’s sound is a dichotomy—completely original, yet familiar and reverberative. Parker’s idiosyncratic talents have graced collaborations with ZHU, Travis Scott, Lady Gaga, and more since the release of the last Tame Impala album Currents, which landed back in 2015. Despite the favors of flavors and flows Parker was able to gift through these collaborations, fans have been audibly yearning for a fresh Tame album for years. Parker unveiled the aptly titled “Patience,” at midnight March 22.

The cosmic and grounding sound of pure unadulterated Tame Impala proves to be alive and well in “Patience.” Over a intricately crafted (bordering on a perfect) arrangement, Kevin Parker’s vocals speak directly to the listener, neck deep in groove. Conga drums add a level of acoustic grounding while layers upon layers of experimental synths act as steps into the heavens. The conversation carries on over steady rhythms and cerebral lyrics. Kevin Parker sings, “I should be flying straight / don’t be late / ‘Cause time waits for no one / I should be flying straight / Don’t be late / ‘Cause time takes from everyone.”

Between the technical phonetic arrangement, the absolutely original flow, and the thought-provoking lyrics, it’s impossible to deny the authenticity of the track; and more so, not be excited about the upcoming album. Tame Impala is back, or rather again, they’re here.

Tame Impala are scheduled to headline the second night of Coachella to kick off their 2019 tour which will hit all over the US, Europe, and Scandinavia. They’ll also be playing at Lollapalooza in August, and debuting on SNL March 30.




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