Tiësto and John Christian team up on new festival single ‘Can You Feel It’Tiesto Jordan Lloyd

Tiësto and John Christian team up on new festival single ‘Can You Feel It’

It’s hard to know what to expect with new Tiësto releases. The artist has released everything from collaborations with mainstream pop artists to uplifting trance to big room and festival-ready tracks. The veteran producer is back with a new release, this time in the form of a festival-ready hit titled “Can You Feel It” in collaboration with up-and-comer John Christian. The duo previously collaborated on a single, “Scream.” The building beat utilizes synths sonically similar to those used in the ’90s and early ’00s. A twirling melody and echoing vocals layered on top of the track’s constant build then release into a hectic drop that’s perfect for a main stage performance.

Last year Tiësto released an EP spread out over five days during Miami Music Week, leaving fans wondering whether he’s up to similar antics this year. Despite having only released “Can You Feel It” within the past week, Tiësto is now teasing not one but two new releases on his Twitter. One of the forthcoming tracks—a song with previous collaborator Mesto—will be released March 29. He is also teasing a collaboration with Alchemist which will be “coming soon.”

Photo credit: Jordan Loyd

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