Warner Music signs deal with Dubset to provide catalogue for legal distribution of DJ mixesDaft Punk Photo Credit Olivier Zahm

Warner Music signs deal with Dubset to provide catalogue for legal distribution of DJ mixes

Rights clearance startup, Dubset, which helps DJs publish licensed songs in their sets and monetize, recently signed a major deal with Warner Music. Ultimately, the contract aims to give DJs access to the major label’s immense library that includes acts like Daft PunkCardi B, Bruno Mars, and Migos.

Additionally, DJs can expect to obtain full monetization on their mixes that use a song from Warner’s register. This means DJs will now be legally able to incorporate songs from Warner’s catalog in their full-length mixes and distribute the mixes to Apple Music and Spotify as they please.

“Dubset’s team has worked tirelessly to expand its catalog, giving DJs a broader set of tracks to use in DJ sets that can be distributed to streaming services,” Dubset announced in a newsletter originally reported on by The Verge. “The licensed songs that DJs can include in their mixes has expanded at a blinding rate due in large part to deals signed with Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music Group, and Merlin (also known as the fourth major).”

Sony became the first major label to partner with Dubset in August 2017. Soon after, Merlin and Tidal also penned deals with the disrupting startup. In October of 2018, SoundCloud partnered with Dubset to add their platform to the mounting list of available distributors. Dubset CEO Stephen White recently expressed that the deal aims to create an atmosphere in the industry where artists are “fairly compensated for the use of their works.”

H/t: The Verge

Photo Credit: Olivier Zahm

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