Bassnectar’s ‘Reflective (Part 4)’ brings the experiential back to music streamingBassnectar Press Pic BUKU 2015 Photo By ALIVE Coverage HighRes

Bassnectar’s ‘Reflective (Part 4)’ brings the experiential back to music streaming

Bassnectar is back, and bringing a healthy wallop of bass to streamers’ speakers via Reflective (Part 4), the latest installment in his storied EP series. The fourth offering in the Reflective saga is collaboratively indulgent, sourcing cameos from a number of artists, including Kailo, Born I, RD, PEEKABO, Sunru, and more. Reflective (Part 4) is blissfully unpredictable, from start to finish. Opening cut, “Irresistible Force,” takes a more muted approach than listeners might expect: the introductory track foregrounds a spoken female vocal, and lays the vocal atop a bed of undulating synths.

The first track on a production doesn’t define the musical effort’s overall tone—at least in Reflective (Part 4)‘s case. Resounding bass takes the sonic center stage on “Irresistible Force” sequel, “Dive.” Bassnectar doles out dubstep in all of its gravelly glory later in Reflective (Part 4). If streaming Reflective (Part 4) feels an explorative journey of musical proportions, that’s because, well, it is.

Photo credit: aLIVE Coverage

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