DEVAULT releases visual showcase to accompany his immersive, instrumentally focused EP, ‘JADE’ [Watch]Devault 1500 1000

DEVAULT releases visual showcase to accompany his immersive, instrumentally focused EP, ‘JADE’ [Watch]

Orange County native DEVAULT has rapidly made a name for himself over the past two-years, thanks to enamoring original releases and high profile remixes for everyone from Alessia Cara and DJ Snake to Rihanna. The 22-year-old has demonstrated his prowess in house, deep house, and even bass-laced tunes, but he has been showcasing a new side of himself in 2019.

At the beginning of the year, DEVAULT teased upcoming four-track EP, JADE, and released the first track of the compilation, “RUNWAY,” earlier this month. The track was what the producer dubbed as his ‘most energetic record to date,’ and it was a worthy taste of what was to come on the EP as a whole.

DEVAULT spoke with Dancing Astronaut about the project, explaining, “The goal of Jade was to push the boundaries of my own sound, as I felt when it came to a live performance there was something missing. I wanted to create music that’s my own version of club music, almost like a haunting runway show where I’m the curator for the night.”

“After my first EP, I felt like I needed to expand and push myself into something less polished, more in your face and raw. Like the initial scene from my video of the group of men vandalizing the car, I wanted to let out this side to me and it feels liberating. It’s instrumental focused, and something where I plan on releasing more music in a similar fashion. A place where the music and visual experience goes hand in hand,” DEVAULT added.

JADE is comprised of four tracks: “MAFIA,” “BLADE,” “RUNWAY,” and “RAINSTORM.” Each tells its own story, but all are unified by a dark energy and instrumentally driven sound. The producer notes that the best way to truly appreciate JADE is for listeners to immerse themselves in the accompanying film for the EP. The film is meant to be an open-ended, engaging experience where viewers can watch the characters seamlessly transition from scene to scene, in sync with the music. JADE is out now via Geffen/Interscope.

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