Diplo teases possible return of short-lived Major Lazer animated seriesMajor Lazer Animated

Diplo teases possible return of short-lived Major Lazer animated series

Back in 2015, Major Lazer took their visuals to the next level, developing an entire cartoon world around their animated freedom fighter mascot and bringing it to life. The Major Lazer cartoon, which premiered on FXX in April of 2015, featured the group’s titular character it a futuristic post-apocalyptic Jamaica, protecting the people, fending off vampires, and smoking mad weed—you know, general freeing the universe stuff. Notable contributors to Major Lazer‘s first season include John Boyega, now of Star Wars fame, Ezra Koenig, Aziz Ansari, J.K. Simmons, and Lonely Island mastermind Andy Samberg. Unfortunately, the show, which took years to greenlight and produce, wound up being a short-lived venture, lasting only 11 episodes despite it being generally well received.

Now, Major Lazer could return for season two, with Diplo quietly alluding to the program’s return on social media. The Major Lazer frontman didn’t delve into detail, but Major Lazer is expected to return with new material this year, and possibly even disband thereafter. So more 80’s-inspired adult cartoon gold could sweeten the pot if this is in fact the last we see of Major Lazer.

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