Ja Rule and Andy King unveil plans to produce new Fyre Festival concept—Fyre 2.0Culture FyreFestival3

Ja Rule and Andy King unveil plans to produce new Fyre Festival concept—Fyre 2.0

The line between ambitious and foolish is a fine one, but trust Ja Rule—once credible 2000’s rapper turned “bamboozled” event producer —to walk it. That’s because today the embattled rhymer and fellow former Fyre Festival executive, Andy King, unveiled plans to produce, “the greatest festival that never was,” but for real this time—Fyre Festival 2.0. That’s right, while Billy McFarland, the nucleus behind the most monumental fail in the internet’s still-infant influencer age, languishes in federal prison for the grand-scale finagling he tried to pull off in 2017, his former business partners are hoping to build a real luxury festival experience from the ashes of the first Fyre.

The second, or, rather first real iteration of Fyre Festival, will take place this summer on the Caribbean Isle of Tortuga, once the boisterous pirate blow that was used to be a frequent stop for the likes of Captain Jack Sparrow and other infamous sailors. Fyre Festival 2.0’s talent roster for this year’s event features Steve Aoki, David Guetta, Hardwell, Paris Hilton (DJ set), and Paul Oakenfold drunkenly reading nursery rhymes over a microphone.

King, the hero of the first Fyre Festival fiasco, who famously prepared to fellate law enforcement officials for access to clean water for festival goers, expressed in a statement,

“We’re thrilled to actually be making Fyre Festival a reality. Without having to blow anyone, we were able to produce a festival this time around that actually brings a lot more than just American cheese on white bread. This festival is going to be bananas, ya heard.”

Look out for more details on tickets, VIP packages, and cabana bundles as they become available. See the full lineup for Fyre Festival 2.0 here.

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