LSD share illusory ‘No New Friends’ videoSia Labrinth Lsd No New Friends

LSD share illusory ‘No New Friends’ video

Following LSD‘s recent and long-awaited debut album release, Labrinth, Sia & Diplo Present… LSD, the three-pronged electronic-pop firepower has shared the visual for “No New Friends,” one of the singles released just before the full-length project.

The video features perennial Sia stand in, Maddie Ziegler, cast as an amicably oversized companion to the Beatles-esque dressed Labrinth, as they, in trippy-as-ever LSD fashion, frolic through a pastel-painted wonderland. All the while Diplo, the production lifeblood of the group, portrays both the chimerical realm’s sun and moon, as well as its cane-touting friendly giant, grinning and omnipotent.

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