Shlohmo dives headfirst into ‘Rock Music’ culture in new videoShlohmo

Shlohmo dives headfirst into ‘Rock Music’ culture in new video

Coming hot off the release of his critically acclaimed album, The End, Shlohmo is sitting at the top of his game. Bringing guitars and a moody atmosphere into the project, the track “Rock Music” may be the most transparent example of his foray into this new style. Now taking center stage as a director and editor, Shlohmo has released his brand new music video for “Rock Music.”

Channeling the vibes of and old rock music video, Shlohmo takes grainy film-work and a destructive attitude to their full extent. Donning his pink and yellow wigs and destroying the band’s equipment, he eventually stumbles into his own show, where he gives a stiff and lifeless performance to a room full of excited wig-wearers. Bringing ’90s video styles and early internet aesthetics in to round out the piece, this video is one you have to just see for yourself.

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