Soulwax rework Marie Davidson’s ‘Work It’Soulwa

Soulwax rework Marie Davidson’s ‘Work It’

The Soulwax brothers released their remix of Marie Davidson’s empowering and sexy anthem “Work It,” and in doing so followed her advice in the origonal track advice to a T.

This industrial house remix is made for running floor. Davidson’s lyrics and Soulwax’s curated sound flow over and work with each other, each adding complementary flavors to a musical medicine that evokes a feeling of well-deserved release in the form of sweat and grime.

Through their tripped-out, distinct, and soulful additions, Soulwax showed their complete understanding of Davidson’s message—you have to work hard to be a winner, you have to work hard to be free. Soulwax put more than enough work and energy into their remix that the inspiring spoken words of the original find a new home while remaining fun, sexy, and completely true to the raw message behind Marie Davidson’s original.

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