Time flies—Porter Robinson’s ‘Language’ turns 7Porter Robinson By Ohno

Time flies—Porter Robinson’s ‘Language’ turns 7

Porter Robinson had already been well on his way to the top tier of dance music in 2012, but the release of “Language” expedited the process even further and ultimately led to the young producer becoming a household name. The track, which was a far cry from the grittier, electro-based tunes Robinson had been outputting before, explored a softer, more emotive side to his persona that some might even consider a pre-cursor to his groundbreaking Worlds album a few years later. It remains one of his most seminal hits to date and has effectively stood the test of time.

Time really does fly—”Language” has officially passed its seventh birthday as of writing time today, April 10, 2019. It only felt right to pay homage to such a memorable tune, and feel intense nostalgia as it reaches its vocal-laden breakdown.

Photo credit: Ohno

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