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Ableton releases Live 10.1 as free download

The followup to Ableton Live 10, Live 10.1 is newly available as a free download. Live 10.1 expands Ableton functionality, to afford users new viewing options with flexible zooming, extra devices like Channel EQ and Delay, and flexible zooming. An update central to Live 10.1 is the user’s ability to drag and drop samples into the Waveform synth to form timbres and sounds.

Live 10.1 producers can additionally freeze a channel that has an applied sidechain. The ability to bounce audio when send effects and master buss processing are enabled comprises yet another novel feature of the latest version of Ableton Live. Live 10.1 is currently available as a free download for Live 10 owners, and can be accessed here.

Photo credit: Alexa Vachon

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