Avicii’s team teases new production concept, ‘The Cube’ [Watch]Avicii Estate Posthumous Alblum Discussion

Avicii’s team teases new production concept, ‘The Cube’ [Watch]

Come June 1 – 2, a limited number of cities will have the opportunity to experience The Cube. A new live offering from Avicii‘s production team, The Cube will make its way to Stockholm, London, São Paulo, New York City, Sydney, and Tokyo. Avicii’s camp announced the forthcoming live concept via a brief 27-second trailer that invited viewers to “step inside The Cube.”

While the short teaser did not disclose further details about how the Cube functions and its direct tie to Avicii’s catalog, Avicii’s team can be expected to reveal such information about the Cube closer to the initiative’s eventual debut. The news of The Cube follows the recent release of the official music video for Avicii’s “Tough Love,” and arrives just days before the late superstar’s posthumous LP, TIM.


Avicii’s team announced in a press release that cube installations will surface in the six aforementioned cities, while “smaller cubes” will be accessible in Berlin, Salzburg, Bucharest, Brussels, Zürich, Taipei, Auckland, and Toronto. To activate The Cube, a visitor needs only to place one hand upon the installation’s illuminated screen. Upon touch, the screen will automatically begin a search for another Cube user elsewhere in the world. Once The Cube locates this other person, The Cube will play the same clip from Avicii’s forthcoming album, enabling both Cube users to listen to the clip together. The Cube brings Avicii fans from all over the world together, to share in the experience of listening to TIM.

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