First Listen: Borgeous and RUNAGROUND craft a break-up anthem meant for moving on, share accompanying visual [Watch]IMG 2023 E1558666987734

First Listen: Borgeous and RUNAGROUND craft a break-up anthem meant for moving on, share accompanying visual [Watch]

Borgeous and RUNAGROUND’s 2017 single, “Coffee Can Money” offered a temperate glimpse of the sound that resulted when both artists merged their creative sensibilities. Two-years later, Borgeous and RUNAGROUND return to the electronic release ring together, to re-envision break-up on “Better Anyway.” Whereas the concept of a romantic split often sonically translates to poignant productions characterized by their low tones, languid beats, and wistful lyrics, “Better Anyway” breaks this musical mold, to perceive break-up in an optimistic manner.

“‘Better Anyway’ is about heartbreak and being able to see how unhealthy a relationship was after it’s over. It’s a break-up anthem for when you realize that going through all the bad stuff made you come out of the situation a better person at the end of the day.”


Lyrically, “Better Anyway” attributes a valiance not only to accepting what is, but to moving forward with a spirited sense of self-possession. The sanguine pledge to push on that’s audible in the single’s lyrical content is complemented by the upbeat arrangement of “Better Anyway.” The single’s chord progressions climb in tandem with the vocals, while crisp beats ground the production at the break downs. “Better Anyway’s” memorable, pop-leaning lyrical hook and general crossover appeal are a collective invitation to listeners: head in the direction of the replay button.

A collection of retrospective reminiscences, the official music video for “Better Anyway” flits from one memory shared between the visual’s two lovers, to the next. The visual record of previously existent intimacy lends depth to the lyrical narrative that “Better Anyway” tells. “I loved bringing this song to life with my good friend RUNAGROUND,” Borgeous told Dancing Astronaut. “As soon as I heard the song I had a vision for the music video, and am really happy with how it came out.”

As “Better Anyway” exemplifies, the collaborative power inherent in a Borgeous and RUNAGROUND production only amplifies with each successive joint release. “Better Anyway” is out now via Armada Music.

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