Glastonbury announces plans for a Keith Flint tribute performanceKeith Flint The Prodigy Credit Andrew Milligan

Glastonbury announces plans for a Keith Flint tribute performance

After Keith Flint‘s passing in March, The Prodigy announced that they would be cancelling all upcoming performances. However, their presence will not be completely missing from the festivalsphere this year, as Glastonbury has just announced plans for a ‘Keith Flint Appreciation Hour’ set.

Led by Prodigy guitarist Gizz Butt, who noted that “it’ll be a tribute to Keith, the family, the band and all the loyal fans. But also, it goes out to anyone who may be suffering the same feelings that Keith had – that led to his untimely death.” Featuring a first listen to an unreleased Prodigy remix from 1996, the set will stand as a major step in the grievance of Keith Flint and mental health awareness in the electronic music community.

Photo Credit: Andrew Milligan

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