High winds cause EDC stage shutdowns and evacuation confusionEdclv

High winds cause EDC stage shutdowns and evacuation confusion

Hazardous windy conditions have struck a blow on EDC Las Vegas once again. On Saturday night, May 18, the festival’s main stage Kintetic Field and the Dreamstate-hosted Quantum Valley were temporarily shut down due to high winds. Some of the advisory signs also told attendees to evacuate the premises when in reality this wasn’t needed, leading to widespread confusion and upset.

The shutdown didn’t persist through the rest of the night, and eventually both stages reopened. Insomniac also took to its social media platforms to advise guests they could re-enter; however, a large amount had already long exited the venue. Angry comments swelled on Twitter.

EDC Las Vegas has faced wind issues before. In 2012, its second year at the Speedway, the festival fully shut down and fans were barred from entry. Markus Schulz and Steve Aoki notably kept the party going, however, throwing impromptu sets at EDC’s pop-up stages for those that stayed behind.

H/T: KTNV Las Vegas

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