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Laidback Luke offers festival-ready rendition of Avicii’s posthumous ‘SOS’

Avicii‘s first posthumous release, “SOS” saw featured vocalist, Aloe Blacc, lend his signature vocal tone to an Avicii production once again. The preceding Blacc-assisted anthem, “Wake Me Up,” and the comparatively more current “SOS” each explored themes of optimism and possibility through honest, bare-faced vocals, passionately delivered by Blacc. The undergirding drum work heard on “SOS,” accompanied by steadily climbing, plunky synths, creates an instrumental flair complementary not only to the single’s melody, but to Blacc’s vulnerably weighty contributions. “SOS” surfaced as a poignant reminder of Avicii’s inextricable talent, and now, fellow producer and longtime scene staple, Laidback Luke, has offered a tasteful take of the recent release.

Whereas Avicii’s original unfurls at an unhurried pace well-suited for radio play, Luke’s remix is perceptibly more festival oriented, in both its use of an accelerated bpm and emphasis on high-powered drops that would be of undeniable potency in a large-scale, outdoor setting. Luke drives the song’s distinguishing chords upwards, to sculpt progressive ascents that emanate an unbridled electronic energy.

Photo credits: Tim Snow

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