LZRD and T-Mass reconvene on arresting new single, ‘By My Side’Press Photo 1.png

LZRD and T-Mass reconvene on arresting new single, ‘By My Side’

LZRD and T-Mass are hardly strangers: the electronic entities merged creative sensibilities not long ago on their highly lauded remix of Illenium‘s “It’s All On U.” The re-imaginative effort surfaced as a tasteful amalgamation of LZRD and T-Mass’ trap abilities, which lent an intensity to the rework not present on the original. Now, LZRD and T-Mass are back with an equally resplendent showing, “By My Side.” The single follows LZRD’s earlier individual production, “Anything Anymore.”

The collaboration foregrounds the vocals of featured artist, Sara Skinner. LZRD and T-Mass demonstrate percussion to be one of their particularly strong sonic suits on “By My Side,” as the tune situates Skinner’s soprano vocals amid potent pops of percussion. If the percussive elements of “By My Side” are sharp, then it’s the single’s melody that smoothes the song. Coupled with the tune’s climbing chords, Skinner’s soaring vocals cement “By My Side” as an anthemic showing, evident of the musical symbiosis that ensues when LZRD and T-Mass hop on a track together.

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