Midnight Kids dance back to better times with ‘Those Were The Days’

It’s hard to believe that LA-based duo, Midnight Kids have only released three original tracks of their own given the amount of support they have garnered from top-tier artists like The Chainsmokers, Alesso, Don Diablo, and more. Midnight Kids is comprised of Kyle Girard and Dylan Lee, whose latest original, titled “Those Were The Days,” is a worthy addition to their already infectious catalog.

The vocals initially lure the listener in, and then guide them through melodic ebbs and flows of soothing electronic synths juxtaposed by smooth, ambient background hums. Jared Lee serves as the lead vocalist on the track, and despite moments of energetic upticks, the listener is left in a state of calm upon the track’s close.

The duo issued a release about the nostalgia-driven song, stating, “‘Those Were The Days’ was a record that came together quicker than anything we’ve done before… It was something that felt extremely reminiscent of the youth we’ve both experienced. From the late night drives, to first kisses, and the moments we’ve shared with loved ones, this record hits home for us and we knew we had to make it come to life.”

“Those Were The Days” is out now via RCA Records.

Photo Credit: Sam Gay

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