New study reveals LSD could help people overcome alcohol dependencyLsd Photo Illustration By The Daily Beast

New study reveals LSD could help people overcome alcohol dependency

Research into the beneficial effects of psychedelic drugs continues to reap positive outcomes with the latest study published May 14, linking reduction in alcohol consumption and misuse with psychedelic use. The study suggests that LSD and other classic psychedelics including magic mushrooms have potential anti-addiction effects that could help people overcome their alcohol dependency.

The survey pool consisted of 343 respondents who were mostly white males in the USA. All participants reported seven years of problematic alcohol use. After psychedelic use, 83 percent of participants no longer met the Alcohol Use Disorder criteria, rating their experience as “highly meaningful and insightful” and 28 percent endorsed the psychedelics effect in regards to changing life priorities or values.

Psychedelics have accumulated increasing support in recent years due to research showing its ability to treat illnesses like depression, addiction, and even lower violence in individuals. Earlier this year, Denver became the first city to decriminalize magic mushrooms and London opened the worlds first research Centre for Psychedelic Research. Despite being a big step, psychedelics still have a ways to go before being recognized legally as an accepted medicinal drug.

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Photo illustration by The Daily Beast

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