Optimism sparkles on De Hofnar’s latest, the Nathan Nicholson-assisted ‘Restart’Hofnar Press 2018 3

Optimism sparkles on De Hofnar’s latest, the Nathan Nicholson-assisted ‘Restart’

The lyrics of De Hofnar‘s latest single, “Restart,” collectively comprise a narrative of resilience. “Restart” recruits vocalist, Nathan Nicholson, to verbalize the wistful recollections of trying times, which Nicholson does with an earnest, glowing optimism. Nicholson’s easy going and fluidly flowing vocals are well balanced with De Hofnar’s upbeat yet unimposing production. Understated guitar plucks and tonally bright chords underlie Nicholson’s supple vocals to strike an undeniably cheerful melody. “Restart” surfaces as a sanguine showing both in terms of lyrical content and in overall sound.

De Hofnar and Nicholson’s comparable post-breakup experiences served as the shared impetus for “Restart.” The two collaborators originally crossed paths in Amsterdam: “I scrolled through some beats I was working on at that moment, and Nathan was super surprised to hear this project with a more disco-is feel,” De Hofnar told Dancing Astronaut.

“He showed me some small lyrics he wrote the other day about restarting your life after a breakup. He told me more about the personal background story and we found out that I had experienced the same thing. We dove right back into the project to merge these two ideas into one unique track,” the producer added. One day later, “Restart” was born.

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