Skrillex opens the flood gates, announces multiple new releases underwaySkrille Webster Closing Party Credit Scotty Hawk Nest Hq

Skrillex opens the flood gates, announces multiple new releases underway

Good news for Skrillex fans—the perpetual state of “new music coming soon” is now confirmed to be coming to an end. New work from the OWSLA boss is being prepared for imminent release, and it sounds like he has more than a few bullets in the chamber. According to Skrillex, the amount of new material he’s currently sitting on, “feels like a couple bodies of work,” and that’s aside from the new Dog Blood EP that’s due to be released on Friday, May 24.

While Skrillex hasn’t exactly kept quiet in recent years, he’s generally stepped away from building out his own canon of original works, and it has been more than five years since his debut LP secured his place within dance music’s highest echelon. It appears that’s all about to change, with a Dog Blood EP already underway, additional separate concepts nearing completion, and enough left over for some “other random releases in the coming weeks.” See the tweet below, and turn Recess up to 11 today; we’re celebrating. New music from Skrillex is due any minute now.

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