Taim conceives prismatic CONFESSION EP, ‘Dreaming Still’Taim Dreaming Still

Taim conceives prismatic CONFESSION EP, ‘Dreaming Still’

Rising house wielder, Taim, has released a new EP, Dreaming Still, through Tchami’s CONFESSION label. A versatile breath of fresh sonic space with a profuse and heavy house music center, the extended play serves a smorgasbord of ambiances with a dash of sultry vocals for the soul.

The EP’s namesake single features LØ’s iridescent vocals surrounded by dreamy synths that lead unhurriedly to Taim’s springing bass crescendo. Through glittering ad libs and ribbed framework, the track juxtaposes the backbone and background elements with precision.

“Selector” is a collaborative effort with CLB which leads the project down a slightly heavier aural avenue. With filtered synths and big brass on the come up, the production froth soon dissipates to highlight the gritty bass and percussion pattern. The last song “Landslide” features Trey Qua’s emotion-riddled vocals to bring elements of soul alongside a billowy groove that leads into a menagerie of melodic house synths.

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