Whethan releases his house-infused ‘favorite track to date,’ with JeremihWhethan Main Press Photo Credit Rennie

Whethan releases his house-infused ‘favorite track to date,’ with Jeremih

Whethan is never hard-pressed to find new ways to freshen up the often stale electronic pop space. The same certainly goes for his brand new song, “Let Me Take You,” featuring Jeremih.

“Let Me Take You” transports the listener back to the early 2010s dance music days with its club-ready synths and smooth vocals. The seemingly simple production of the track is its biggest appeal. The feel-good intonations ensconcing the track energize the listener, while the “Birthday Sex” singer’s vocals are the ideal, silky appendage to complete the overall infectious outcome.

Whethan speaks about his journey creating the song in a recent release:

“I had been sitting on this track with Jeremih for a while now and explored every possible version of the song before landing on this one. I’ve been really inspired by a lot of house music and wanted to find a way to bring that into my world. It was important to me that I made something that people could really dance to. This is probably my favorite track to date and I’m just excited to show my fans where the future of my music is headed.”

The track certainly traverses new sonic terrain for the revered young gun, as a house music composition replaces his usual pop-infused brand of electronica. This latest Whethan original is out now via Atlantic Records.

Photo-Credit: Rennie

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