3LAU and Bright Lights reconnect for ‘Down For Life’

Many producers have that one song that not only catapults them into notoriety, but shapes what will be an avid and unwavering fan base. For 3LAU, that song was a joint venture with Bright Lights: “How You Love Me.” The track left its mark on both of the artists’ careers, and still remains a relevant fixture in the dance-pop performative space.

Five years after the track’s eminent reception, 3LAU and Bright Lights have crossed paths once more for “Down For Life.” The track opens to bouncing synths that frame heavily pitched-down vocals. The vocals are idyllically rendered to complement to the track’s pulsing house beat, inducing dancing from the outset of the track.

3LAU took to social media to address the fact that Bright Lights was not the centerpiece of the release, writing, “I was super nervous to release this song today because it might be the complete opposite of what you’d expect. Pitching down @brightlights333 vocals was an experimental decision, and it kept us from releasing the song for years until we got it right. So today, I’m incredibly thrilled by all the positive feedback from you, especially when we tried something new & out of our comfort zone.”

“Down for Life” is out now via 3LAU’s label, Blume.

Photo Credit: EDM.com

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