Bonsai & Shades Of Play – Rue MeslayBonsai Press Shot Credit Spawnzone

Bonsai & Shades Of Play – Rue Meslay

Berlin-based powerhouse imprint Steyoyoke has inaugurated its Paradigm series, which is dedicated to showcasing the next generation of innovators in the “ethereal techno” arena. The full compilation is filled with forward-thinking pieces, but one in particular stands out to us here at Dancing Astronaut.

It’s “Rue Meslay,” by fresh SoCal talents Bonsai and their collaborator, Shades Of Play. Inspired by the streets of Paris in which Bonsai member Tim Glusko spent time, the tune is moody, and deep, with carefully arranged sound design and twinkling instrumentation. Its undulating analogue synths shoot through the space like rain droplets, further evoking the haunting city atmosphere that helped catalyze the track. It’s near-impossible to not get caught in its wildly hypnotic web.

Bonsai have been working diligently cutting their teeth in the Californian underground circuit, establishing themselves as formidable talents within their niche. Associated closely with Jeremy Olander and the Vivrant brand as well, the duo will be opening for the Swedish icon at his upcoming show in Washington DC on July 11. Get tickets here, and be sure to keep close watch on Bonsai as they ascend the house and techno ranks.

Photo credit: Spawnzone Photos

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