Burial puts out first solo EP since 2017: ‘Claustro/State Forest’Burial Header Press E1601601703844

Burial puts out first solo EP since 2017: ‘Claustro/State Forest’

It’s been a good while since Burial last released solo material—since 2017, to be exact. That’s now changed however with a sneaky new two-tracker on Hyperdub. Claustro/State Forest is distinctly Burial in its sinister aesthetic; however, we also see the UK icon branching out a bit with the new material.

“Claustro” opens the EP with a twist; it carries dark undertones, but errs more toward classic breaks and garage sounds for a retro, and slightly more uplifting appeal to counteract the gloominess present. “State Forest” is abstract and minimal. Sound design plays a central role in this B-side, with Burial flexing his chops through subtle sampling and sound effect work lacing soft, dissonant synth notes.

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