CamelPhat feature Jake Bugg in ‘Be Someone’Camelphat E1551750397373

CamelPhat feature Jake Bugg in ‘Be Someone’

CamelPhat assert their ability to “Be Someone” in the house sphere with the release of their brand new single alongside Jake Bugg. The result is a vocal-assisted instant anthem, much in the same vein as the outfit’s seminal, “Cola.” Similarly, the vocals in “Be Somebody” bow in sonic prominence to production.

The monotone vocal that Jake Bugg lends to the track contrasts with the airy atmospheric ascendence of the tune’s builds. The track’s underground influence is audible in the staticky titillation of the track’s descents and percussion, which foreground a memorable chord arrangement. Ultimately, “Be Somebody” is a cinematic production that is well suited for live play as it is the club dancefloor.

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