Dreamstate unveils its most ambitious lineup to dateKeiki Lani Knudsen Prof Dreamstate For Insomniac Events 2

Dreamstate unveils its most ambitious lineup to date

Dreamstate was created by Insomniac in 2015 to serve as America’s trance hub. Distinctively, the weekend event championed trance sounds not often heard at the time on this side of the pond; everything from progressive, to uplifting, to psy trance was included on its singular stage. The event expanded four-fold the next year, and Dreamstate as a whole has risen up as a dominating global brand for the music.

Organizers have been teasing all sorts of sizable improvements for the flagship festival’s milestone fifth edition. They moved the San Bernadino gathering back one weekend to make it more accessible for fans, while additionally promising even crazier production, better sound, and stage design.

Its lineup is another area of huge leap for the brand. While Dreamstate has always been more forward-thinking than the status quo, its lineups sometimes overlapped quite a bit between editions. This one, however, branches even deeper into the obscure—and ambitious. Notable names showing up this year are iconic outfit The Space Brothers, Shpongle, John O’Callaghan under his Joint Operations Centre alias, and Ferry Tayle & Dan Stone’s joint project, Fables.

On the commercial end, watch Seven Lions experiment with psy trance alongside Dimibio for their Abraxis debut, and Above & Beyond move the main stage audience to tears during their headlining set.

Tickets are available now on Dreamstate’s Website

Dreamstate unveils its most ambitious lineup to dateDreamstate Socal 2019 Lu Full Lineup R07a

Photo credit: Keiki-Lani Knudsen

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