Dutch authorities distributing MDMA-scented perfumetacy Perfume Amsterdam 1

Dutch authorities distributing MDMA-scented perfume

Ever walked into work on Monday morning smelling like a heavy weekend bender? Of course not, right? Though now, in the Netherlands, smelling like the afterparty is acceptable—in fact, it’s all in the name of law enforcement. Dutch authorities are producing and distributing a new perfume that’s scented like MDMA in the hopes of using the public’s help in identifying mass production sites.

The new perfume, aptly called “Xtacy” is scented like aniseed to mimic the odor of MDMA. The Netherlands is wildely regarded as the center of the ecstasy world, where the highest-quality MDMA in the world is known to be produced. Law enforcement officials recently began distributing the perfume in the Noord-Brabant province, reportedly an area with one of the highest concentrations of drug laboratories in the country.

Authorities are concerned with the potential public health risks and toxic waste that come with functioning drug manufacturing labs. Amsterdam prosecutor Lars Stempher was quoted as saying, “Drug production labs are often located in built-up areas, and because they leave traces that the public can recognise, we have introduced this scent to help people identify if a drugs factory is operating in their neighbourhood.”

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