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Eric Prydz drops first of three ‘Pryda 15’ EPs

Of all of Eric Prydz‘ assorted aliases, Pryda is perhaps the most notable. While fans relish the hard-hitting techno of Cirez D and the minimal funk of Tonja Holma, the lush chords and dynamic nature of a Pryda track are what brings the crowd to their knees every time, praying at the church of Pyrdz.

This is a project the Swedish-born house maven started 15 years ago, and he is paying homage to that impressive anniversary with three new EP’s, the first of which having just been released. Pryda 15: Volume 1 features six tracks that are available for purchase for the first time, but have been heard in Prydz’s live shows for years.

Fans of Prydz know that IDs are his speciality. His discography is extensive, but he is notorious for keeping the best cuts reserved for his live sets only. It’s what keeps his ever-loyal fanbase coming back to see him 30 times or more. Now, many of those fans will rejoice in having access to these six tracks, some of which he’s been playing out for years.

According to the Prydz Subreddit which has an in-depth catalogue of his ID’s, some of the tracks found on this EP have been in his vault going back almost a decade. “New Eras” was originally referred to as “EPIC Radio 006 ID” after being played on Prydz’ radio show in 2012. “Warrior” was first played live in 2010, nine years ago. With two more EP’s coming out in this series Prydz might see fit to release a weapon he’s had for the project’s entire 15-year history.

Each of the electronic compositions included on this EP is its own progressive journey. Some are more uplifting and energetic like “Illumination,” and others are dark and brooding like “Linked.” The guiding principle behind them all, however, is that the listener ends in a different place than where they started.

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