Good Morning Mix: Set the tone with Bassnectar’s ‘Tempo of Dreams’Bassnectar Press Pic BUKU 2015 Photo By ALIVE Coverage HighRes

Good Morning Mix: Set the tone with Bassnectar’s ‘Tempo of Dreams’

Title aside, there’s nothing somnambulant about Bassnectar‘s newly released Tempo of Dreams mixtape. Through Tempo of Dreams, Bassnectar issues a commemorative nod to 1999’s Dreamtempo, a one-and-a-half hour mix that’s certainly aged well since its initial debut two decades ago. Re-released in 2013, Dreamtempo is regarded as a seminal staple of Bassnectar’s expansive catalog. Bassnectar pays homage to Dreamtempo‘s milestone 20th anniversary with the half-hour Tempo of Dreams.

While Tempo of Dreams is, by and large, a bass-laden cluster of Bassnectar edits and remixes, Bassnectar casts glances at a select number of fellow producers, like Hucci, Shantel, Legion Of Green Men, and Sounds From The Ground. Tempo of Dreams arrives hot on the heels of Bassnectar’s recently concluded, Colorado-based Freestyle Sessions. The 2019 event encountered an unexpected venue related setback, but rebounded shortly after its initial shutdown. Bassnectar rerouted Freestyle Sessions to the Denver Coliseum, and now further smooths over the logistical wrinkle with the release of Tempo of Dreams.

Photo credit: aLIVE Coverage

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