Watch Skrillex unload a metric ton of IDs at Ultra KoreaSkrille Jasmine Safaeian

Watch Skrillex unload a metric ton of IDs at Ultra Korea

Skrillex wasn’t yanking chains when he said he was going to release a stronghold of new music this year. It seems festival-goers at Ultra Korea got more than a taste of what’s to come.

The robust hour-and-a-half set features various IDs, an unreleased Dog Blood track with Ty Dolla $ign, “Midnight Hour,” an unreleased remix of Space Laces‘ “Slice n Dice,” his new collaboration with TroyBoi, “War Cry,” coming out this week, and a gargantuan grip of high-energy mashups of his own volition. Another highlight of the night was a heavy-handed edit of Avicii & Skrillex vs. SQUNTO, “Levels” versus “Sayim” (Slushii Edit) into a short and sweet “Sing it for Tim” tribute.

The entire track list can be found here in case the bass should have viewers so inclined, and avid Skrillex fans will find multiple gems to keep them on their toes for official releases this summer. The dubstep poster child continues to solidify himself in dance music majesty, and this set is simply another notch in his belt of highest-level execution.

Photo Credit: Scotty Hawk

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