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Jarvis goes ‘old school’ on Brostep EP

Firepower Records continues to cultivate an ensemble of the best and brightest in bass music and their latest release, by way of the UK’s Jarvis, keeps things deliriously wild.. The smash and grab label gives Jarvis the spotlight this month with the unapologetically aggressive “Brostep EP.” An homage to an old school sound, the 4-track EP is pedal to the floor from the first kick to the last. There’s no respite on this pressing, from the opening track “Death Rave” to the grand finale of “Reborn,” Jarvis keeps the BPMs high and the bass low as he weaves together elements of moobahton, psytrance, hardstyle, drum n bass, and dubstep into thrash circle anthems.

We chatted with Jarvis about the EP, his future, and the sound that he’s attempting to resurrect.

Can you tell us when did you decide that the Brostep music genre needs more recognition, and what exactly sparked that idea?

To be honest i’ve always made this style of music since the days when the big guys were still doing it, everybody moved away from it over the years but i never did. I think i realized it needs to come back when i was touring in the US last year and a few people expressed to me that they really enjoyed my sets despite being skeptical beforehand due to them anticipating that i would play an “old school” set. And I thought, hang on, since when did this Brostep sound become “old school?!” I was particularly confused because when i’m talking to anyone about “old school” dubstep I’m talking about Skream & Benga, Coki or DMZ etc. which is definitely not the style anyone should be expecting me to play! That’s the moment I knew we needed to #BringBackBrostep!

Before the EP dropped, you revealed the rules of Bro Code on your social media one by one. If you could pick one that represents the movement the most, which one would it be, and why?

The Bro Code commandments are definitely supposed to be taken in a lighthearted way for the most part. I guess the one that represents the movement best would be #1 “A Bro Listens to Brostep” but I think my favorite is #5 “A Bro Never Skips Straight to the Drop.” I think we could all try and show a little more love to the intros in tracks. Not every track has to be a 2 minute DJ Tool, I love to try and make music that you’ll want to listen to at home again and again… without skipping a single part!

Will you be continuing the Brostep movement and The Bro Code narrative on the occasion of your future releases?

I’m definitely carrying on the #BringBackBrostep movement with all my bros out there! I’ve received so many great messages from fans in support of the style, its been so great to hear from everyone else who agrees that this great style needs to come back from the ashes! In terms of more rules I guess it depends if I can think of anything else that needs to be said. Any suggestions in the DM’s are welcome!

Speaking of upcoming plans. What do you have currently in the works?

Right now I’m hard at work in the studio making more music. I’ve got another EP already planned which there will be details about soon. If anyone wanted to check out what I’ve got coming up I’d definitely recommend checking out my 2 recent mixes which are available on my Soundcloud page. I slipped in a bunch of upcoming tracks, WIPS and bootlegs in there too!

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