Kaskade remixes Jennifer Lopez’ single ‘Medicine’Kaskade Redu Photo Credit Insomniac

Kaskade remixes Jennifer Lopez’ single ‘Medicine’

Kaskade‘s been an official remixer on many a tune, but his latest credit might be one of his biggest to date. He was selected to re-work Jennifer Lopez’ latest single, “Medicine,” and in turn has delivered a crossover tune capable of ripping up any dancefloor. Appropriate to the season, Kaskade works J-Lo’s vocals into a lighthearted 4/4 foundation set at a lower-than-average tempo. Long, soft synth notes feel like a sonic breeze, while clever sound effects sprinkled in the background add intrigue.

It seems that Kaskade has developed an interest in diving deeper into the pop space. The icon recently collaborated with Meghan Trainor for “With You.”

Photo credit: Insomniac

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