Listen to Burial’s new single, ‘Claustro,’ new EP due mid-JuneBurial Claustro 1559220219

Listen to Burial’s new single, ‘Claustro,’ new EP due mid-June

Few producers working today are as enigmatic as William Emmanuel Bevan, also known as Burial. He’s an artist who releases material in his own time, without any regard to attention or acclaim—a demeanor which fluidly pairs with the esoteric sounds of his music.

When Bevan does see fit to put out new music though, the entire electronic music world turns its head. This is exactly what happened when his latest single, “Claustro,” hit the airwaves via Mary Anne Hobbs’ BBC 6 Music radio show with good reason.

“Claustro” will be the A-Side on a two-track EP that’s due to come out June 14 on Hyperdub. The second track will be called “State Forest” and that’s the sum of every piece of information Bevan has provided thus far.

Bevan’s aversion to chasing the spotlight has given him the freedom to maintain his artistic integrity full-stop. His original take on UK garage evokes sonic images of forbidden love stories playing out in dark British alleyways on thick, foggy evenings, and “Claustro” is no different.

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