Matthew Koma issues disparaging statement against serial collaborative partner, ZeddZedd Rukes 2013

Matthew Koma issues disparaging statement against serial collaborative partner, Zedd

A less widely known artistic ingredient, but a contributing factor nonetheless in the rise of now radio-ravaging producer, Zedd, Matthew Koma has shared a lengthy Instagram post. In it, he accuses his former partner of denying him due credit, and of displaying overall “toxic and self-serving” behavior.

The statement includes Koma’s assertion that Zedd not only took years to pay him for his work on the latter’s watershed 2012 single “Spectrum,” but that Zedd continued to publicly discredit Koma for his work on a number of projects carrying the Zedd emblem—including the undoubtedly decisive, Grammy-certified anthem, “Clarity.” Koma retains official writing credits on both singles. Koma also notes that during the making of the True Colors documentary tracing Zedd’s rise to stardom, he was the only collaborative entity of the time neither invited to be interviewed nor attend the premiere.

“The blows started small – him giving interviews about ‘the lyrics he wrote’ (I wrote every word and melody) with no mention of my name…”

Koma goes on to ascribe Zedd’s behavior to an “inferiority complex,” stemming from a supposed gap in instrumental know-how, particularly on the piano.

“I came to find out he could only play piano in the key of C and the keyboard wouldn’t transpose,” Koma writes. “Sort of contradicted the whole ‘genius classical pianist’ persona.”

Koma goes as far as to suggest Zedd is hardly any longer involved in the production and writing process of his own tracks. The ostensibly severe statement finds its place among a number of other inflammatory existing claims against the Russian-German artist, including a longstanding feud with Diplo.

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Zedd has yet to respond to any of Koma’s accusations. This story is still developing. Dancing Astronaut will update existing coverage as the story progresses.

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