New study says more than 3.7 million Brits over 45 go raving once a weekJan Bakker Marty Mann Pc

New study says more than 3.7 million Brits over 45 go raving once a week

A new study shows that British ravers are winning the longevity game by a longshot with more than 3.7 million Brits over the age of 45 going raving once a week. Given the UK’s history with rave culture and recent research that has shown the “acceptable” age to go clubbing has grown older, this statistic hardly comes as a surprise.

A previous study by British brand Currys PC World stated that 31 is the age where people start preferring to stay in over going out and that by age 37, it is officially “tragic” for individuals to go out to the club. However, older clubbers overwhelmingly responded that the statement was nonsense and gave a diverse set of reasons why their passion for clubbing continued to outlive their age. One clubber said it’s “laughable that dance music belongs to just a certain age group – anyone can enjoy it.” Another said during the “days of acid house, no one ever asked your age” and that he met his best mate of 27 years “on a podium.”

Eventbrite has discovered a group called the EverGroovers—led by 59-year-old former Kiss FM DJ Gordon Mac—that continue to party and channel their love for raving in their middle-age days. 60 percent of them said “nothing would stop them from raving” and 24 percent said they rave more in their 40s than in their younger days.

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