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Oliverse – Outerworld EP

At a time when bass music is at its peak, it can be hard to find an original sound among all the drops. But not for Oliverse, the young producer who is forging his own experimental bass sound with his newest EP, appropriately titled “Outerworld.”

The five-track short play spans a variety of genre styles, from the electro dub opener “My Vibe” to the ethereal vocals and melodic basslines of “Unspoken.” Oliverse fuses elements from electro house, future bass, dubstep and more to make his unique sound, which is sometimes brought to life with the synth-laden drops of “Parachute,” or the more cinematic and melodic outro track that gives the EP its name. No matter your place on the bass spectrum there’s something that will appeal to you on “Outerworld.” Out now on Disciple Records.