Porter Robinson confirms new music is underway

In the five years since Porter Robinson released his groundbreaking Worlds LP, the forward-thinker has kept himself busy with expanding his creative horizons. He linked with fellow visionary Madeon for “Shelter,” created a new alias, Virtual Self, and carved out an impressively successful debut behind the new moniker. He’s launched a new festival brand which takes place in Oakland this month, and now, he’s finally returning to just being Porter Robinson; and with that, new music is confirmed to be underway.

The “Spitfire” producer took to social media to announce his return to the studio, to many fans’ excitement. It is worth noting that while Robinson has steadily produced new material over the last five years, he has not released any work under his own name since 2014. Robinson was tight lipped about an intended release date, though, with his Second Sky festival around just the corner, that seems like the perfect testing ground for some new, unheard material.

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