serpentwithfeet’s latest single, ‘Receipts,’ is slow-flowing choral honey [Stream]PerfumeGenius May 13 2017 32

serpentwithfeet’s latest single, ‘Receipts,’ is slow-flowing choral honey [Stream]

The choral soul of serpentwithfeet‘s latest single is pure and euphoric in tone. Viscous in pace, the production filters slowly through listeners speakers’ in a languid lag and ultimately, proves worth the wait. Dubbed “Receipts,” the track arrives nearly a year after serpentwithfeet’s debut album, soil, released June 2018.

The refinement with which serpentwithfeet vocalizes “Receipts” reminds those familiar with the artist’s musical journey that serpentwithfeet previously studied classical vocal techniques during his time at at Philadelphia’s University of the Arts. Yet, the vocal poise of “Receipts” is not attributable only to serpentwithfeet’s technique. A hip-hop entity who characteristically scales the rap to crooning continuum with ease, Ty Dolla $ign lends his inimitable vocals to the cut, which serpentwithfeet describes as “a snapshot of two brothers rhapsodizing about unseen romance.”

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