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Spotify tests new ‘social listening’ feature

The competition among music streaming services is growing fiercer as traditional forms of music consumption dwindle. Major players like Spotify have to continually up the ante with what they offer subscribers, and the Swedish company is now testing their latest feature: social listening.

Spotify has been at the forefront in terms of integrating social media into their platform. They made sharing music easier than ever by providing specific links for platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Messages, and even universal shareable links. Subscribers can also, follow, make, and edit playlists together. Now, with social listening, subscribers can listen to music simultaneously.

The feature is only being tested by Spotify employees at this time, so there aren’t many specifics surrounding the service for regular subscribers. A software engineer named Jane Manchun Wong unveiled the feature to the general public. She found it by searching through the application’s code and laid out her findings in a series of tweets.

Apparently there will be a new button marked “Connect With Friends” that will reveal a QR code. Once the code is scanned the two accounts are connected and will be able to listen to music together. From there, all accounts that have scanned the code will be on a list called “Already Connected” and will be able to use the feature at will.

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