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Stream Thom Yorke’s powerful new LP, ‘ANIMA’

ANIMA seemed to come out of nowhere. Mysterious ads began popping up for an ‘Anima Technologies’ that would help restore one’s dreams, which later gave way to confirmation that these were indeed off-kilter promotion pieces for the upcoming project. A week later, ANIMA has officially arrived—and it it might be one of Thom Yorke‘s most expressive solo works to date.

The LP was inspired by anxiety and dystopia, according to Yorke; these themes feel highly relevant in a time of widespread political turmoil. He orchestrates his vision with perfection, using wavering, melacholic synth progressions throughout that are punctured by Yorke’s distinctively passionate vocals. Off-kilter rhythms and percussion bearing similar tones to a beating heard amplify this energy. Once swept up into the album’s shadowy dreamscape, it feels impossible to escape from until it’s done.

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