UTA and Paradigm tease merger ideaEd Sheeran Jedd Lopez

UTA and Paradigm tease merger idea

Entertainment giants United Talent Agency (UTA) and Paradigm are allegedly looking into an acquisition or merger, according to a Billboard report breaking the news. Their union would equate to an immensely powerful entertainment force, with Paradigm bringing a robust slate of musician clients to the table and UTA bolstering Paradigm’s film and comedy department with their large roster.

Sources with knowledge of the merger confirmed that UTA’s CEO Jeremy Zimmer and Paradigm chairman Sam Gores have been in talks for months about working out a merger or UTA purchasing a controlling stake within Paradigm. The idea and logistical discussions have a long way to go, and the chance of walking away remains fairly high with both parties. Paradigm in particular is hesitant to cede control over its music department, and details on leadership are still being worked out. Other minute details, like what to name the merged entity, additionally complicate the ongoing discussions.

H/T: Billboard

Photo credit: Jedd Lopez

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