YouTuber charged with assault following impromptu grocery store raveDiscoboy Credit His YouTube

YouTuber charged with assault following impromptu grocery store rave

Discoboy, born Lee Marshall, is well known in the YouTube space for setting up impromptu dance parties in public areas. Sometimes, however, these events can land him in contentious situations, with the most recent being his conviction for assaulting a grocery store manager. The scuffle took place during a romp Marshall and his fellow pranksters organized at an unsuspecting Asda in Portsmouth.

A video of the incident showed Marshall and eight other guest ravers don silly outfit and storm the store, only to be shut down within minutes from security, and later, police. Discoboy was arrested for “assaulting the Night Manager,” and has since been formally convicted and forced to pay a £1,000 fee. He is currently fighting the conviction, according to his camp. This recent incident actually marks the second time the YouTuber has been charged in such a way; prior to that, he’d been charged with assaulting a fellow prank personality at a train station in 2016.

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