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Zedd issues extended response to Matthew Koma

On Wednesday, June 5, Matthew Koma took to Twitter to issue a contentious statement around his work with Zedd, and how he felt he’d more-or-less been given the short hand and pushed under the rug as Zedd grew in star power. Koma’s statement alleged that he’d been publicly discredited on watermark hits like “Clarity,” and that it’d even taken him years to receive pay on the 2012 anthem “Spectrum.”

Zedd issued a brief response on June 8 rebutting these claims, and has since released a more extended statement on the issue. He tackles each claim one-by-one, beginning by announcing his eternal pride in having worked with Matthew in the past and reiterating once more that he gave credit where credit is due. He also addressed the “Suitcase” falling out, advising he’d backed out of the unfinished project over artistic differences. The story ended with a desire to be able to “sit down as friends” with Koma and an apology that he felt underappreciated throughout their time as collaborators.

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