Aliens show signs of activity: ATLiens invades with ‘Ghost Planet’ projectAtliens Live In Honolulu

Aliens show signs of activity: ATLiens invades with ‘Ghost Planet’ project

With everything surrounding Area 51, it’s suspicious the extraterrestrial duo ATLiens are hiding in plain site, abducting listeners with bass-powered beams in their ominous Ghost Planet project on Bassrush Records. Try not to play this EP too loud, because the Skrillex launched and Bassnectar collaborators know how to use bass in lethal doses in this EP. Thankfully, these “ATLiens” are peaceful in nature, but not in expression, considering Ghost Planet might be one of the more earth shattering releases of this year.

The EP begins with “SCP – 231,” setting the tone for what’s ahead, a warning. “Shelter” is both the next song and a word of advice for the cutting shards that slice through heavy sub bass. “Fading” brings us back to earth, for a more melodically driven track feating vocalist Sara Skinner. With a space launch buildup and tonal bass the track blasts through space with a glimpse of short lived uppity bliss. “Tantra” brings back a familiar tribal character, and a prominent figure as the lead through a forest of thick 808s.

“Fuck That” is precisely what it’s intended, tossing hoards of alien enthusiasts into a vat of murky sub bass one could drown in. “Exterminate” featuring Hairtage is none other than a mass execution of experimentation and grit. “Closer” with EDDIE was the first single off the contaminant spill, shining a light on their supernatural sounds and their imminent invasion.

With the apocalyptic bass decimating all surroundings, no wonder there’s now a planet filled with the spiritual remains of our physical shells.

Photo credit: Moses Alexander

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