Carnage and Nazaar convene for raucous new collaboration, ‘Blitzkrieg’Carnage Ultra South Africa 2018 Rukes E1563979183193

Carnage and Nazaar convene for raucous new collaboration, ‘Blitzkrieg’

A sonic affair that involves the creative collaboration of Carnage and Nazaar’s bass sensibilities is not for the faint of heart, as “Blitzkrieg” affirms. The single’s title is predictive of its arrangement: taking its name from the German word that translates to “rapid attack” in English, “Blitzkrieg” speeds forth in accelerant fashion towards a forceful build. Carnage and Nazaar pummel listeners with bass as sharp synths stab with a fury, spiking streamers’ adrenaline.

The coarse intensity of the song’s opening concedes to a brief vocal monologue that urges authenticity. “Don’t follow what you think people will accept you for, follow your heart, follow your ambitions, follow your desires,” Carnage vehemently advises streamers. “Life and people in it always find ways to distract you from being yourself, make you feel like the you you want to be is f*cked up, unworthy, man f*ck those people!” Carnage exclaims. “Blitzkrieg” is a musical middle finger to the societal pressures that inhibit true expression of the self.

Photo credit: Rukes

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